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What can I expect?

To ensure you're as comfortable as possible, here's a little information about what your session will be like.

First, your comfort is most important. Wear clothing you're comfortable in. Most men prefer a t-shirt and gym shorts or pants. Most women prefer yoga pants or tights and a t-shirt or tank top. No shoes on the table so please wear socks or be comfortable in bare feet. 

We will spend just a few minutes talking about any concerns you have, tight areas you'd like me to focus on, or areas you'd like me to avoid. I will also make sure you're aware of what FST is and is not so you can have appropriate expectations of your session. 

Then you'll get on the table and I'll start with a quick assessment that I'll use, along with your concerns, to develop a plan for your session. After that, it's all about the stretch. You can close your eyes, relax, and be silent or you and I can have a conversation. Either way is fine, as long as it allows you to relax. 

After your session, it's important to hydrate and move. FST is a very different kind of stretch than most people have experienced so your body will need to "flush out" the toxins, similar to having a massage. You may experience minor soreness like after a workout. That should only last a day or two and should not prevent you from any of your normal, daily activities.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email me at
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